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SADIE FISCHESSER, Field Director, Vermont Agency of Human Services and United Way of Windham County Volunteer

Due in part to her career as Field Director at the Vermont Agency of Human Services, and to her service as a HOPE Team member of United Way of Windham County, she has developed valuable experience and background: “I know a lot of organizations in town and what they do and how they do it,” said Fischesser. “I’m familiar with the systems that are in our community and also with the individuals. That gives me kind of a dual lens.”

That dual lens of experience enables her to skillfully review proposals and applications and to effectively match resources with needs—in many different contexts. “I help United Way determine what funds it contributes to various community organizations and projects. I also work with specific funds, such as the Spark Fund, which helps people with a spark—a creative initiative—to get it off the ground,” she said. She has used that same ability to allocate funds and resources to achieve the most beneficial impact in other ways as well: for instance, by chairing the Prosperity team’s efforts to improve financial stability and as part of the Kids in Coats Fund organizing team, providing winter gear to families.

Just as Fischesser volunteers her expertise, she draws on this background for her own personal growth and development. “It’s been a great learning experience for me,” explained Fischesser. “It has also really heightened my ability to think creatively when it comes to using resources in our community. People have amazing ideas, and I get to hear about them and think about them in ways I might not have otherwise, so this volunteer work has been a great gift to me.”


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